Hello!!!! K-9 means…

Lula on her bed

Relaxing on my bed, actually a crib mattress since I am too big for most dog beds and I need extra support for my hind end and the extra height makes it easier for me to get up and down.

I am a DOG!!! Ms Pharmacy Person!!!! Do you really think your patient privacy policy applies to a DOG???

Do you really need all this info about me in your pharmacy computer????

– “Are you Lula’s legal guardian?” I don’t think of Pam as my legal guardian, but if I need one, she will do.

– No, she doesn’t know the day and year of my birth! No one does, not even me!

– No, I don’t “understand” that I should take this medication with food – I KNOW every medication should be taken WITH food; if you want me to take it! And if it is really nasty tasting, put it in a LOT peanut butter. In fact, my “understanding” is that food should be available all of the time, whenever I want it! You know these meds make me HUNGRY and give me a belly ache if my tummy is EVER empty!

That is what happens when you get your meds from a “Big Box” pharmacy! Can they not read??? The label clearly says “——-, Lula K-9” Do you really want me to come to the store and pick it up myself? I will; I like car rides and stores. I hear this place is WAY bigger than PetSmart! I bet they have lots of stuff I could cruise the aisles and smell!

Happy Shopping (come get me and take me with you next time!),


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