My new Favorite Food – Pumpkin

Lula Pumpkin

Enjoying my Pumpkin snack at lunch - YUM!!! Pam wanted me to look as I usually have pumpkin all over my face but I knew she was going to take a picture and try to embarrass me!

The last week has not only been busy, it has one of my bad belly weeks. About once a month, I get a bad belly. Pam thinks it is from all of my daily medications. I am currently on meds for my hips, my knees and incontinence. She was hoping it would improve with my new no corn/no wheat diet, but it hasn’t so far. So the issue is that I develop diarrhea for 1-2 days. So Pam feeds me rice and chicken broth. This time I went completely off all food and was going on 3 days with the diarrhea so Pam was getting worried. She asked me to quiz all my Facebook friends for advice and she talked to a few people. She then heard from one of our neighbors that Pumpkin helps both diarrhea and constipation. So after a little research and encouragement from my Facebook friends, she gave me some pumpkin! I ate all of my food with the pumpkin on it and within 24 hours I was all better.

Unfortunately that only lasted for a day or so. Monday I broke into the “food room”. The food room is actually the human’s bathroom! Now how rude is that to keep my food where they…. Anyway, I am quite agile when I need to be and got the door open (it has a round door knob and I am not sharing my secret!) and once in I simply opened the middle drawer and helped myself to 2 bags of treats. About halfway through the second bag I got full so I left the rest for later. Unfortunately, Pam came home and locked up the food room again. And you know what, I am kind of glad because my belly doesn’t feel so good again. Glad Pam is still giving me pumpkin!

A spoonful of pumpkin a day, keeps the s–ts away! (Oops sorry I know this is a family blog but I couldn’t resist!)

FYI – Make sure you get the canned 100% Pumpkin NOT Pumpkin Pie Filling (it has all sorts of spices and stuff in it) If you aren’t sure, read the ingredients it should just list Pumpkin.

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One Response to My new Favorite Food – Pumpkin

  1. Monet and Kuri says:

    Pumpkin Pumpkin the magical food. The more you eat, the more you POOP! Happy pooping Lula! Try grass some time it helps clear us up too. (Human Mom calls us “cows” when the grass is a growin’, whatever a “cow” is.) Only problem is that sometimes your human might have to help get it all out, and that is not fun.

    Here’s to the wonderful world of food, good and bad! Give it a month and Pam won’t remember your adventures into the goodie room. Then hit it again! Happy Eating!

    Kuri and Monet

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