Busy Summer

Wow it has been a long time since I have had time to sit down and write! I will try and give you a quick update on the last few months.

First, we are VERY busy as are most families in the summer. Pam, my head staff, is training for Ironman Wisconsin on Sep 11th and she is either working, training or sleeping so we (Hershey and I) are often left in the care of our crates and part-time staff. Which is great cause they take very good care of us! Big bonuses for us on this Ironman training are:

  1. We get to travel to Pine Lake most weekends, so Pam can swim, bike and run long on the weekends. Pam’s parents take care of us. Plus Pam says the swimming is MUCH better in Pine Lake and worth it! I agree because I get to swim every day after she is done working out! Then we get to go for boat rides! During the day we hang out in the cottage and don’t have to be confined to our crates. I get put in my sometimes cause I find a lot of fun stuff to get into like toilets, trash cans, ovens…. It is great when everything is on one level! Lots to explore!
  2. Pam is using her Ironman training to help raise funds for the Chesapeake Retriever Rescue of WI (that is the organization that rescued me and takes care of me – Pam fosters for them). We are hoping to raise $703 by July 17th and then reach the $1,406 goal by September 11th. HOWEVER, it would be even better if we could raise the total of both! To learn more about or help with the Ironman for Chessies, click here.

One thing you will notice is that I always have to be on a leash. I am not quite sure this is fair but I don’t argue. I have been known to wander off in the water! I am much faster and more agile in the water and tend to leave my designated swim area if I am not on a leash. I also have to be on a leash when I go outside to potty because I sneak/drag my hinder down the hill to the lake and swim away! Hey, give me a break – I am a Chessie! I LOVE the water!

Here are a few photos of me swimming at Pine Lake:

Lula Swimming

Ahhh, I love to swim! You would not believe how much faster and more stable I am in the water! It not only takes all the weight off my hips and knees, Pine Lake is spring fed so it is really good for icing my aching joints and cooling me off in the summer!

Swimming with Pam and Hershey

Pam takes us swimming after she is done with her Ironman training, Hershey is learning to swim but I am a GREAT swimmer. Hershey is my current foster brother, he is looking for a forever home check him out on http://www.crrow.org

Have you seen "Finding Nemo"? My motto is "just keep swimming"!!!

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2 Responses to Busy Summer

  1. What a beautiful place to play and swim! : )

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