Crossing the Rainbow Bridge

Lula R. Chessie ?? - March 29, 2013 (approximate age 11 or 12)

Lula R. Chessie
?? – March 29, 2013 (approximate age 11 or 12)

This is a post I knew I would one day have to write, but I thought it would be sooner and for that I am grateful. Lula passed away on Good Friday (March 29th).  Lula came to live with me in November of 2009. All she wanted was to live in my garage in a crate. Fortunately, I refused to allow that and over time she decided she much preferred the creature comforts offered by a house. So began the 3.5 year journey we shared. Lula taught me so much about Chessies, rescues, disabilities, survival and just plain life. She came with a mysterious past which I will never completely know, but she certainly made an impression I will never forget. Although Lula is now running like the wind at the Rainbow Bridge, I will continue to share the wisdom and lessons she taught me. There are Lula stories left to be told and I will.

Roll on sweet Lula, you were one-of-a-kind.

Tribute video put together by one of Lula’s friends. Thanks Charlie.

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4 Responses to Crossing the Rainbow Bridge

  1. Dave Bange says:

    Thanks to your friend Charlie for putting this together, and thank you for sharing it with us. Some great photos of Lula. I liked the musical selections, especially True Colors, which seemed deeply appropriate for Lula.

    – Dave

  2. BJ Ryan says:

    Lula like Al were one of a kind–Neither will ever be forgotten. May they both run together with the wind at the Rainbow Bridge! RIP Lula and Al

  3. RIP Lula, so glad I got to meet you! Very nice tribute video Charlie did. May she live on in your heart forever.

  4. Charlie did a great job on the tribute! I look forward to more of your Lula stories 🙂

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